Global newspaper consumption falls over 25% between 2010 & 2014

According to a research report by Zenith Optimedia, the average time worldwide consumers spent reading daily papers shrank by 25.6 per cent between 2010 and 2014.

In the four year window, web utilization grew by 11.8 per cent, while traditional media consumption (i.e. daily papers, magazines, radio and silver screen) diminished from 402.2 to 375.8 minutes.

As indicated by Zenith Optimedia’s ‘Media Consumption Forecasts’, people across the globe will spend 492 minutes or over eight hours a day–consuming media this year (2015), up 1.4% from 485 minutes a day in 2014.

As understood the report further deeply, people are investing a great deal of time watching cat videos and Facetiming with companions.

Despite reporting a minor droop, TV remained the most mainstream media pulling in 183.9 minutes of consumption a day in 2014.

Newspaper reading time was touted to proceed with its droop by 4.7 per cent a year until 2017.

As understood the overall report, media consumption will keep growing due to enormous opportunities available for consumers. People are spending more time in discovering information and technology, communicating with others and enjoying entertainment.