Great Motives Why Consumers Love Online Shopping | Buying On The Web

FOUR Great Motives Why Consumers Love Online Shopping

Great Motives Why Consumers Love Online Shopping | Buying On The Web shopping Great Motives Why Consumers Love Online Shopping | Buying On The Web Great Motives Why Consumers Love Online Shopping Buying On The Web
Great Motives Why Consumers Love Online Shopping | Buying On The Web

There has been a much of research on understanding the behaviour of online shoppers.

A number of studies have been done to discover the answers on the questions mentioned below:

  • Who normally buys online?
  • What types of products do consumers prefer to buy online?
  • Why consumers do chose specific products over other products?
  • Are there any other categories or products that consumers prefer not to buy online? And
  • What are the concerns that often taken into consideration by consumers when it comes to online shopping?

While the characteristics of the shopping are significant in predicting online buyer behaviour, internet shopping is also impacted by the category of product or service.

More importantly, the quantity of online shoppers is growing so rapidly today than even before. On the contrary, lots of concerns are rising including questions such as; is shopping on-line safe?  Is the customer information secure?  Is it convenient?

However, if shopper understands the benefits of online shopping, then they will for sure continue shopping online. As an entrepreneur, it is a primary responsibility to give the consumers a confidence by clarifying all the concerns they have in their minds.

Here in the following section, we are going to discuss the key reasons laid behind consumers fear and apathy, and then come up with solutions that help in strengthening confidence and make them like shopping online.

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Security Concerns

It is an undeniable fact that many people are truly worried about placing their personal information out into “cyberspace”.  There has been many reports about identify theft, but shockingly majority of them occurred in shopping malls and department stores than online shopping. It does not mean online shopping is completely safe. But you can be safe whenever you consider shopping online, if you take proper precautions.

The fact of the matter is that through the procedure of encryption, the internet is in fact a safe and secure place to shop.

Encryption is nothing but coding.  The only one who knows what is being coded is the one with the key.  Secure socket layers, or SSL is the protocol that most of the browsers and web servers use to guard our personal data while it is being transferred.

Keys are generated with each transaction and then discarded, with each new transaction generating a new, unique key.  You can say that you are using encryption when you see the padlock symbol on the toolbar.

Money controls

When it comes to shopping, it is in fact all about quality, service, deals and savings. It is very normal that the customer always wants a product or service with finest quality at best price. The fact of the matter is there are several options to save money on the internet too. Due to heavy competitiveness, many of the stores you can shop at on-line are offering some great shipping deals.  In some cases, shipping and handling are waived completely, if you spend a certain amount of money.

The reality is price of gas or transportation alone is well worth the cost of shipping and handling. And, although the price of gas or transportation has come down some, it can still get pretty costly as you run or drive from one place to another in search of the latest offers or deals.


Internet capabilities are rapidly converging to provide an unprecedented level of convenience for online shopping. Consumers can shop in the comfort of their own home, in which they are able to compare, research anything they want, and then go for a best deal.

You can discover just about anything on-line, no matter how unclear your priorities are.  With proper keywords and little bit patience you can find anything you want.  People also love the fact that they don’t need to beat the traffic to get their shopping done.  They don’t have to run from store to store to try and purchase the items and gift.  One stop gift shops are perfect in that you can shop for everyone on your list in one place and still get that special something for each person on your list.

Comparisons and Judgements

Due to lack of awareness, consumers often worry about comparing items as well as offers they are looking for with other companies and their products available in the market. However, there are several websites on-line where you are able to compare shops and get the best deal.   You can have a look at websites like froogle, yahooshopping, or pricegrabber to buy at the best prices.


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